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10. 7. 2007


Episode1-The Distance:

2.Dios Malos-You Got Me All Wrong
3.The Album Leaf-Eastern Glow
4.Hallowen,Alaska-All The Arms Around You

Episode2-The Wa We Were:

1.The Perishers-Trouble Sleeping
2.Keane-Walnut Tree
4.The New Year-The End's Not Near
5.Sufjan Stevens-To Be Alone With You

Episode3-The New Kinds on the Block:

1.A.C.Newman-On The Table
2.The Beta Band-Assessment
3.Pet-No Yes No
4.The Thrills-Faded Beauty Queens
5.The Walkmen-Little House of Savage
6.The Walkmen-What's In It For Me
7.The Perishers-Weekends
8.Rachel Yamagata-Worm Me Down

Episode4-The New Era:

3.The Album Leaf-On Your Way
4.The Mosquitos-Domesticada
5.The Killers-Smile Like you Mean It
6.The Killers-Mr.Brightside
7.The Killers-Everything Will Be Alright
8.Ambulance LTD-Primitive
9.U2-Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

Episode5-The Sn O.C.:

1.Imogen Heap-Goodnight&Go
2.Phoenix-Run Run Run
3.The Faint-Desperate Guys
4.Gwen Stefani-Cool
5.Dirty Vegas-Closer
6.Feist-Let It Die
7.Mascott-Turn off/Turn on
8.Frausdots-Soft Light
9.Magnet feat.Gemma Mayes-Lady Lady Lay

Episode6-The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't:

1.Eels-Christams Is Going To The Dogs
2.Mar Mar Sumerstar-As
3.Guster-Mamacita,Donde Esta Santa Claus
4.Van McCoy-Hustle
5.Guster-Carol of The Meows
6.Leona Naess-Christmas
7.CHAP200-Silent Night
8.Ron Sexsmith-Maybe The Christmas

Episode7-The Family Ties:

1.Olimpic Hopefuls-Let's Go
2.Modest Mouse-Paper Thin Walls
3.Modest Mouse-The View
4.Blue Foundation-Save This Town
5.Martina Topley Bird-Soulfood
6.Elliot Smith-Twilight
7.Modern Mouse-The World At Large

Episode8-The Power of Love:

1.Solomon Burke-Don't Give Up On Me
2.Joy Zipper-Baby You Should Know
3.Journey-Open Arms
4.Matt Pond PA-New Hamspire
5.Sandy Cohen-Don't Give Up On Me
6.Sandy Cohen-She's No Lady.She's My Wife

Episode9-The Ex-Factor:

1.Aqueduct-Hardcore Days&Softcore Nights
3.The Thrills-Saturday Night
4.Infusion-Girls Can Be Cruel
6.The Thrills-Not For All The Love in The World
7.Tom Quick-Honey Dew
8.The Thrills-Curseof Comfort
9.Mark Lenegan Band-Strange Religion

Episode10-The Accomplice:

1.Walking Concert-Nands Up!
2.The Black Keys-10AM Automatic
3.Poster Children-Western Springs
5.Rilo Kiley-Portin For Foxes
6.Tiger Lou-Warmth
8.Elliot Smith-Pretty

Episode11-The Second Sance:

1.The Go Find-Summer Guest
2.The Delgados-Everybody Come Down
4.Sia-The Bully
5.Rachael Yamagata-Reason Why

Episode12-The Lonely Hearts Club:

1.Psapp-Rear Moth
3.J.Belle-No Idea
4.Trend Dabbs-True Love Goes
5.The Album Leaf-The Outer Banks
7.The Album Leaf-Streamside
8.The Album Leaf-Another Day
10.Bang Gang-Follow
11.Bell X1-Eve,The Apple of Me Eye

Episode13-The Test:

1.Sam Roberts-No Sleep
2.Viva Voce-Lesson No1
3.Sunday Runners-Memories Left At Sea
4.Lali Puna-Faking The Books
5.Stars-Your Ex-Lover is Dead
6.Kings of Konveience-Misread
7.Air-Universal Traveler

Episode14-The Rainy Day Women:

1.Blind melon-No Rain
2.Bell X1-In Every Sumflover
3.Louis XIV-God Killers The Queen
4.Janyhawks-Save It For A Rainy Day
5.Joel Evans&Friends-No Easy Way To Say Goodbay
6.Boyz II Men-End of The Road

Episode15-The Mallpisode:

2.The Murmurs-Big Talker
3.Le Tigre-TKO
4.Pansy Division-At The Mall
5.Sam Prekop-C+F
7.Beck-Que Onda Guero
10.Beck-True Love Will Find You In The End

Episode16-The Blate of Glory:

1.The Futureheads-Meantime
2.Brendan Benson-What I'm Looking For
5.Scorpions-Rock You Like a Hurricane

Episode17-The Brothers Grim:

1.Authur Yoria-Call Me
2.Kingdom Flying Club-Artists Are Boring
3.Kasabian-Reason is Treason
4.Kaiser Chiefs-Saturday Night
5.LCD Soundsystem-Too Much Love

Episode18-The Risky Bussines:

2.Spoon-Sister Jack
3.Tangerine Dream-Love On A Real Train
4.Bloc Party-Banquet
5.Luo Barlow-Legendari

Episode19-The Rager:

1.Of Montreal-Requiem For O.M.M.
2.The Obscurities-Stop Dragging Me Down
3.The Church-Under The Milky Way
4.The Futureheads-Decent Days and Nights

Episode20-The OC Confidential:

1.Audible-Sound Makes A Circle
2.Arkama-House on Fire
3.Death Cab For Cutle-Title and Registration
4.Death Cab For Cutle-Movie Script Ending
5.Home Video-Superluminal

Episode21-The return of The Nana:

1.Survivor-Eye Of The Tiger
2.Youth Goup-Shadowland
3.Will Smith-Miamy
4.Spoon-I Turn My Camera On
5.Alan Paul-Adios
6.Cham Pain-Get Down
7.Kaiser Chiefs-Na Na Na Na Naa

Episode22-The Showdown:

1.Shout Of Louds-But Then Again
2.The Grips-Hey Scenesters!
3.Of Montreal-The Party Crashing Us
4.Soledad Brothers-CageThat Tiger
5.Stars-The Big FightCage That Tiger
6.The Roogers Sisters-Freight Elevator
7.The Album Leaf-Twenty Four Fourteen

Episode23-The O Sea:

1.Love As Laughter-Dirty Lives
3.My Pet Genius-Rae

Episode24-The Dearly Beloved:

1.Gorillaz-El Manana
2.Jose Gonzalez-Crosses
3.Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek
4.The Prodigy-Hot Ride

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